Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Health, Nutrition and Easy Diet - Getting the Most Out of Our Regular Food Intake

We eat and drink to promote growth, especially in younger years, to supply fuel needed for the energy used to operate the physical mechanism, and to maintain the body structure and systems operating at peak efficiency. In order to maximize the benefits of our food intake, there are some simple things we need to do. Unfortunately we don't usually do these any more in our busy and stressful society, but if we want to regain and maintain good health, we need to change some habits.

First, we should eat quietly and without rushing, and not when we are emotionally upset, excited, tired or in pain. The body needs to work on the processes of digestion. Digestion begins in the mouth where foods need to be chewed thoroughly. For optimum benefit, we should use fresh food, and organically grown, and vegetables in raw state as often as possible. Frozen food is better than canned food but not as good as fresh food. We should eat when hungry and not too much so as not to overload the body.